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Tomato Soup - All About the Color

Food scientist Bryn Craggs recommends SilverLine processing system for soup production

Hydro-Thermal Corporation is proud to partner with Bryn Craggs, who recommends the SilverLine for continuous, in-line cooking of production soups. The SilverLine achieves an extremely consistent soup quality in every run, with low maintenance and a fraction of the footprint of equally-sized exchangers or kettles. This represents a complete change in the batch kettle cooking process of the past by applying Hydro-Thermal's 80 years of steam innovation to perfectly cook soups.

It is so quiet that you need to make sure it is actually running. The SilverLine™ just works.

Tomato soup is a long-standing favorite that is viewed as comfort food all around the world. It is loved for its familiarity and simple goodness. That simple taste can be deceiving, as it can present challenges when cooked in a commercial kitchen. When cooked at too high of a temperature, the delicate balance in tomatoes can turn the soup orange. Shear, steam temperature and color can all be precisely controlled with the SilverLine system. Crimson, cardinal or vermilion - the SilverLine will cook to match your exact shade of delicious. Texture is also critical to end-user satisfaction. Too runny, too stiff – the thickness must be perfect. Starch can give soup the proper viscosity and blooming starches can be undermined by vigorous agitation. The SilverLine is versatile enough to gently handle starch gelatinization without breaking starches down. Best of all, it cooks to the exact temperature needed, all in a single pass. Precise control, increased production and high quality can all be achieved with the SilverLine system.

SilverLine processing system cooks tomato soup perfectly so it achieves the ideal color
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