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SilverLine food and beverage processing system replaces kettles

Replacing a Kettle

You only need one piece of equipment.

SilverLine processing systems repace heat exchangers

Kettles are the most versatile piece of equipment in the average commercial kitchen, which may explain why many deal with all their shortcomings. You only need one piece of equipment to make every recipe, every blend, every formulation in your arsenal. So why would you ever replace your kettle?

Versatility may be a huge plus, but kettles are notoriously challenging to clean. Anyone who cooks cream soups or béchamel sauce knows that burn-on can add hours to your cleaning cycle, not to mention possible product damage. Inside a jacketed kettle, high temperatures can create hot spots and product burn in the jacket, causing loss of product, decreased product quality,  higher energy consumption, and more cleaning and maintenance.

Kettles also force batch processing onto food and beverage companies that reduce maximum production rates. Maybe the least talked about is the amount of humidity they release into the kitchen area, creating ripe mold growth conditions and poor worker environments -not to mention the excess load on cooling systems.

Energy efficiency is also an issue with kettles. The SilverLine is 100% energy efficient, and uses only the steam necessary to properly heat food and beverages, creating superior uniform heating and precise temperature control. The sensible heat from the steam brings up the temperature of the food until it condenses back into sterile water. Then the latent heat continues to add to the temperature of the food until it has reached its setpoint. The SilverLine captures the standard 15%-20% lost energy and puts it right into your food.

Kettles also take up a large piece of real estate in your commercial kitchen, where space is at a premium. The SilverLine is designed to take up a small fraction of the footprint of the average kettle. The single cooker model is only 1.2m wide by 2m long and 1.5m tall. Additional cookers can be added to the system, only increasing its length by 0.6m. This is 1/3 to 1/2 the size of a 4000L kettle, and can cook more food in a 24 hour period, with less cleaning.

The SilverLine™ is a true commercial kitchen innovation, as it can process the same wide range of products as a kettle without these weaknesses. It can continuously process foods and beverages for long periods of time without down-time (6 weeks straight for high acid foods - stopping only for inspections and mandated cleaning). Burn-on is reduced, virtually eliminated, and cleaning times are minimized as the system is fully CIPable. Being a fully piped solution, there is no contact with the atmosphere, so all of the heat and volatile aromatics stay in your products.

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