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Engineering Innovation

Steam has been used to safely process foods and beverages for more than half of a century. The understanding of how to correctly prepare steam for food is built right into the SilverLine system and our steam experts will help ensure that your boiler water treatment meets food safety requirements. The SilverLine is a streamlined, self-contained, polished stainless steel system designed to cook recipes exactly as specified, replacing heat exchangers and kettles.

SilverLine is the latest innovation in steam launched by Hydro-Thermal. Hydro-Thermal has an 80-year heritage of steam innovation and knowledge. This has positioned the company as the premier manufacturer of heating equipment using steam in industrial and sanitary applications. Our patented designs are simple, beautiful and more effective than any other cooking equipment on the market.

Our patented food and beverage processing system mixes steam and liquid foods completely while delivering precise and consistent temperature control, instantaneous heating and no scaling or fouling of the product. Hydro-Thermal is well-known for its thousands of successful installs, history of cost savings for customers and its adherence to industry standards.

Hydro-Thermal has an 80-year heritage of steam innovation and knowledge.

Hydro-Thermal has an 80-year heritage of steam innovation and knowledge.
Hydro-Thermal's revolutionary approaches have played a role in our customers being recognized for innovation

Hydro-Thermal's revolutionary approaches have also played a role in our customers being recognized for innovation.

In 2010, Creekstone Farms was awarded the Smart Sourcing Award by Food Manufacturing Magazine for their use of Hydroheaters™ in their central hot water system. In 2011, a Hydro-Thermal customer, who uses our heaters for an immersion cooking process, received a Quality Award as a supplier to McDonald’s USA.

Hydro-Thermal itself has also been recognized with many awards in a variety of areas. One of the most recent awards recognized the SilverLine (Smart Cooking System) with the 2014 Wisconsin Innovation Quotient Award (I.Q.).  This award recognizes companies that develop innovative or unique products or services.

That award-winning design is comprised of an internally modulated straight through design that provides homogeneous heating without mixers or motors. Its simple design features only one moving part and is ideally suited for all types of food, from tomato paste to cream of mushroom soup. Despite its simple appearance, there are thousands of hours of engineering experience behind this device.

The SilverLine™ effortlessly transitions to master each job despite flow rate changes or pressure variation. In fact, the SilverLine is so adept at quickly and adeptly handling variety that it can masterfully cook more than 300 different recipes.

The future of cooking lies with SilverLine.


Mount Mary University food science students joined Hydro-Thermal engineers and scientists to conduct research on the gel strength of pressure-cooked starch utilizing the SilverLine.


Results from this lab test were:


  • Direct Steam Injection produced highly viscous starch gel samples that are stable, reducing cook time while employing continuous processing.

  • Full Starch gelatinization was achieved with no birefringence (Maltese Cross) appearance after one minute of cook time.

  • The modified maize starch cooked in a Hydro-Thermal direct steam injection heater (SilverLine) produced a product with thicker consistency and was more viscous at a lower pressure than what is reported in much of the consulted literature.

Mount Mary University joined Hydro-Thermal on pressure-cookeds starch research.
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