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What Worked / USDA Grade A

Applesauce - USDA Grade A

Food Scientist Bryn Craggs recommends the SilverLine food and beverage cooking system for producing perfect USDA Grade A applesauce

Hydro-Thermal Corporation is proud to partner with Bryn Craggs, who recommends the SilverLine for continuous, in-line cooking of production soups. The SilverLine achieves an extremely consistent soup quality in every run, with low maintenance and a fraction of the footprint of equally-sized exchangers or kettles. This represents a complete change in the batch kettle cooking process of the past by applying Hydro-Thermal's 80 years of steam innovation to perfectly cook soups.

We love the speed and efficiency of heating and we use it on a daily basis to produce Grade A product with excellent color.

Cooking apples is difficult because they darken from oxygen exposure. Applesauce needs to be heated to prevent browning from happening, and it’s important to get to temperature as quickly as possible. Additionally, shear is needed to prevent water from separating from the sauce and traditional heat exchangers cannot control their shear profile. Burnette Foods formerly had to cook in the finish tank as well to prevent water from releasing. One of the major benefits to the SilverLine™ is that it can adjust the shear on the product to prevent water separation without additional cooking steps. Another problem Burnette Foods had with cooking applesauce was burn-on, which decreased flow over the production run. When the flow became too low, they had to shut down the line to clean. With business increasing, it became imperative to find a reliable, continuous food processing system, like the SilverLine. As a result of integrating the SilverLine into their applesauce production, they have been able to achieve lighter colored sauce with a more natural flavor profile. “It tastes more like biting into a fresh apple,” said Ryan Fouch, Burnette Foods’ Quality Manager. Precise control, increased production and higher product quality can be achieved with the SilverLine system.

SilverLine food and beverage cooking system produces perfect USDA Grade A applesauce
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