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No more process interruptions


Say farewell to process interruptions caused by kettles and heat exchangers. The SilverLine™ offers nimble, hassle free, continuous cooking. Process interruptions will be a thing of the past, with the SilverLine’s ability to automatically adjust to any flow rate and cook continuously.

When a process interruption occurs, the SilverLine can shut down in only 13 seconds, and can be up and running again in less than one minute.

Foods have been cooked in kettles for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. The only problem is that kettles force batch cooking. This locks down your schedule and shackles you to a maximum production rate.

Heat exchangers can cook faster than kettles and offer a more continuous cooking model, but they are designed to operate at only one flow rate. Again, you are limited by your equipment.

The SilverLine eliminates all these constraints and offers you the ability to do more. It offers the unique ability to increase production without expanding your facility. This innovative food and beverage processing system automatically adjusts to any flow rate while cooking continuously and recovers from process interruptions in less than a minute.

If product flow or pressures change, the system automatically compensates to ensure the same food temperature. A single system SVL2.1-333 system can handle flowrates as low as 100 lpm (25 gpm) or as high as 300 lpm (80 gpm) and still give you a perfectly cooked food.

Don’t settle for limitations to your production due to batch cooking, limited flow rates and production interruptions. Overcome with the SilverLine.

SilverLine cooking system can be up and running again in less than one minute
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