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Pet Food - Nutritional Benefits

Food scientist Bryn Craggs recommends SilverLine for natural food processors

Hydro-Thermal Corporation is proud to partner with Bryn Craggs, who recommends the SilverLine for continuous, in-line cooking of production soups. The SilverLine achieves an extremely consistent soup quality in every run, with low maintenance and a fraction of the footprint of equally-sized exchangers or kettles. This represents a complete change in the batch kettle cooking process of the past by applying Hydro-Thermal's 80 years of steam innovation to perfectly cook soups.

The abilities of the SilverLine are able to meet any pet food processing needs, especially those that help boost varying nutrition levels.


Pet food manufacturers are always looking to incorporate functional ingredients into their products that boost protein levels and provide other nutritional benefits.

Heating meat that will eventually be incorporated into pet food is challenging. Exact temperature is critical. If the temperature is not hot enough, then pasteurization is not possible, leading to product spoilage and possibly causing sickness. Temperatures that are too hot cause burn-on, which ruins the product and can make equipment cleaning a challenge.

A processor of liver-based functional protein ingredients lengthy review of several equipment manufacturers, the SilverLine™ was selected for a trial. The SilverLine was able to raise the temperature of the liver material from 36°F to 140°F with an output of ~50 GPM using a continuous heating process.

After the successful trial, the ingredient manufacturer installed Hydro-Thermal's 3-cooker, 3" diameter SilverLine™ model with a 4" steam line connection from the plant's steam header.

Beyond achieving exact temperature, the SilverLine eliminated burn-on and controlled flowrate of the process. The equipment's CIP feature made cleaning easy, reducing staff hours of daily cleaning and maintenance. In addition, the footprint of the SilverLine is a quarter of the size of the company's existing equipment, saving valuable floor space. Steam loss was reduced compared to the existing system, leading to added energy efficiency with the SilverLine.

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