The Heart (Infuze)

At the heart of the SilverLine system is the Infuze™ cooker. Hydro-Thermal invested heavily in both time and money to research the Infuze’s innovative cooking and pasteurizing technique.

Through a five year study in conjunction with the University of Wisconsin, Hydro-Thermal discovered that everything we thought we knew about steam cooking was wrong.

We discovered there is a way to reliably control the condensation of steam, which if unchecked will cause steam hammer and wild vibration often seen in other steam injection devices. The Infuze can also hold temperature within +/-0.5°C (+/-1°F) despite changes in flow or pressure.

It may look simple, but thousands of hours of research, engineering, and testing were conducted to create the Infuze, the most versatile steam cooker in the world.

The Infuze offers variable shear capability, precise temperature control, versatile response to changes, and the high quality inherent in all Hydro-Thermal products.

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Controls are the brain of the SilverLine cooking system
SilverLine food and beverage processing system allows for shear control
Infuze is the heart of the SilverLine food system