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Natural - More Genuine Flavor

Food scientist Bryn Craggs recommends SilverLine for natural food processors

Hydro-Thermal Corporation is proud to partner with Bryn Craggs, who recommends the SilverLine for continuous, in-line cooking of production soups. The SilverLine achieves an extremely consistent soup quality in every run, with low maintenance and a fraction of the footprint of equally-sized exchangers or kettles. This represents a complete change in the batch kettle cooking process of the past by applying Hydro-Thermal's 80 years of steam innovation to perfectly cook soups.

SilverLine's cooking capabilities are a perfect match for natural food processors.

SilverLine's cooking capabilities are a perfect match for natural food processors.

As preferences move to crisper produce, fresher tastes and more genuine flavor, food processing needs to keep up with consumer demand. In a recent tasting panel, picante sauce produced on the SilverLine was rated as outstanding, especially relating to the “crisp, firm and flavorful peppers.” This sauce was produced without additional preservatives, mainly salt. And when you want to produce Class A apple sauce, every time, without extra ingredients, you choose SilverLine to cook the sauce. “It’s like biting into a fresh apple,” said the quality manager at a Michigan-based processor. Taste aside, if you want to be able to more easily produce batches with no clean up or allergen issues, you can rest assured that the SilverLine can effortlessly produce a Thai peanut sauce and then 20 minutes later after a full CIP, produce a nut-free pesto sauce. If you are currently cooking with a kettle or a heat exchanger, you need to add salt and sugar for flavor since these pieces of equipment overheat and thermally damage the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Non-SilverLine cooking equipment also damages the food, decreases the flavor and destroys the aroma.

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