What's best for the food. It's not a slogan we take lightly. As food is critical to sustaining human life, the SilverLine is critical in preserving the life of food. 

What your food tastes like is not only a reflection of what ingredients you use and their quality; it reveals direct evidence of how it was treated during the cooking process. We realize that equipment imparts a signature on your food, so the SilverLine™ is a critical ingredient in your recipe.

Sterilized water is directly infused into the food as it courses through the heart of the SilverLine, the Infuze™ cooker. Here, steam becomes an ingredient, gently and efficiently cooking the food, bringing it to target temperature. This allows 100% of the steam's energy to transfer to the food. Kettles and heat exchangers only offer 80% - 85% energy transfer. What could you do with an annual savings of 20% on your energy bill?

A new standard has been set for food and beverage processing systems with the SilverLine. It exceeds expectations in every way imaginable and provides direction for the future.

The SilverLine is a streamlined, self-contained, polished stainless steel system designed to replicate processing profiles exactly as specified. Its simple design and appearance are deceptive. This one device encompasses thousands of hours of engineering boiled down into one superior, dynamic machine. It has been touted as the most advanced food and beverage processing system on the planet and has been revered by respected leaders in the commercial food and beverage industries.

Bryn Craggs, food scientist, owner of Beech Royd Consultancy and 30 year veteran of the commercial food industry remarked, "The most meaningful benefit of the SilverLine is the increase in productivity that it provides. You can cook food with less equipment, time, maintenance and floor space."

The SilverLine also delivers extremely consistent quality in every run. Imagine having meticulously predictable results in a cooking system that drives up productivity and shreds maintenance costs up to 50%. Imagine a system so well designed that it defines a new benchmark for internal and external hygiene. The SilverLine continuously processes food and beverages more efficiently, consistently and hygienically than any other solution on the market.

Why it's better

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SilverLine incorporates the most advanced technologies in steam innovation today.