Shear Control

Foods need optimal cooking conditions to produce optimal results. Taste, color and texture can be greatly influenced by how a food is prepared. The SilverLine has the versatility to perfectly cook most liquid foods with simple adjustments to the system.

Some foods need high heat and high shear force to create a perfectly cooked and homogeneous texture, like ketchup. However, cream of mushroom soup needs lower amounts of shear to prevent damage to fragile mushrooms. With traditional kettles or heat exchangers, cream soups can also burn if cooked too fast.

The SilverLine food and beverage processing system fully adjusts shear mechanically. It can be designed for low shear to bloom starches or high shear for starch conversion. If you’re looking for predictable, precise and repeatable results while maintaining superior quality, the SilverLine is your solution.

Infuze is the heart of the SilverLine food system
Controls are the brain of the SilverLine cooking system
SilverLine food and beverage processing system allows for shear control