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SilverLine cooking systems repace heat exchangers

Replacing a Heat Exchanger

It’s true. Some applications are perfect for heat exchangers.

SilverLine processing systems repace heat exchangers

But if you are looking for greater versatility, easy cleaning, low maintenance, energy savings and a small footprint, look closer at the SilverLine.

Heat exchangers come in many shapes and sizes and operate on the same basic principle, but one heat exchanger cannot process every product. The SilverLine resolves this problem by offering exceptional versatility. It is designed to continuously cook recipes exactly as specified by providing precise temperature control, as well as cooking food and processing beverages to a specific temperature in a variety of different conditions. Flow rate changes, pressure variation, even 300 different recipes can all be handled on the same SilverLine.

Space in your commercial kitchen is at a premium. The SilverLine recognizes that and is designed to take up less than 1/3 of the footprint of the average heat exchanger. The single cooker model is only 1.2m wide by 2m long and 1.5m tall. Additional cookers can be added to the system, only increasing its length by 0.6m.

Another concern with heat exchangers is that their large surface area traps food particles and deposits, making them challenging to clean. The SilverLine uses steam to cook the food from the inside out, so there is no large hot surface and the design is a completely piped system. This means that burn-on is all but eliminated and CIP velocities are high enough to effectively clean any biofilms that form. Unexpected shutdowns for cleaning are a thing of the past with the smart design of the SilverLine.

Heat exchangers need regular maintenance to keep them running well. The SilverLine has an expected lifespan of 30+ years and can be completely overhauled in just 20 minutes. Its simple design incorporates industry leading valves, sensors and steam filtration, and Hydro-Thermal’s patented Infuze™ cooker. It features only one moving part, which is precision machined out of high grade stainless steel. The entire system uses FDA and 3-A approved elastomers, which are also long wearing.

Switching to the SilverLine will save 15%-20% of your steam energy. The SilverLine™ uses steam as an ingredient, adding sterilized water into food to bring it to target temperature. This allows 100% of the energy of the steam to transfer to your food, instead of only 80%-85% with heat exchangers. Additionally, the SilverLine does not require condensate return equipment to be installed, saving you even more money.

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