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How You Get It

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Rental Program

We understand that changing the way that food is cooked isn't an easy decision. There are a lot of factors that go into making sure a formula will be better served utilizing a different food processing method. Many customers have asked to try SilverLine before they purchase.


We have two options available:

Rent It

We have test systems available for you to try at your facility. If you want to get to know the SilverLine on your own turf, a rental is the perfect option for you. You can integrate it into your own process, cook your products in your own facility and have on-site HTC resources available to train and dial in the process.

Lab Testing

You also have the option of coming to Hydro-Thermal's testing facility in suburban Milwaukee. We will work with you to make sure the test provides the most valuable results possible, utilizing your formula and verifying your processes.

Product Testing

Customers can test their formulations at co-packer Contract Comestibles, located in East Troy, WI. Small scale, consumable product(s) can be processed on a SilverLine in an USA and FDA-inspected facility. Filling and packaging of product after running tests is also available.

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