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Cost Savings

Time is money


The total cost of owning a kettle or a heat exchanger isn’t just how much it costs to purchase, ship and install. How much more time you spend cleaning your kettle or heat exchanger versus a SilverLine? How much more time does it take to cook 4,500.00 Kg of tomato soup in a steam jacketed kettle than in a SilverLine?

Time is money and the more time your cooking equipment is idle, the greater the impact on your company's bottom line. Inefficiencies add up to big dollars at the end of the year that cumulatively represent the total cost of your cooking system.

SilverLine can cook soup in a short amount of time and with no burn-on

The SilverLine can cook 4,500.00 Kg of beef and barley soup with an 88℃ temperature rise in 14 minutes with no burn-on.

That's less than half the time as in a kettle, and you don’t have to stop cooking throughout the day to clean off burned product.

If speed was the only efficiency upgrade offered by the SilverLine, that would mean that a company that cooks on 18 hour shifts, 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year could produce 213.9% more soup annually. That's 46,125 m³ more salable product per year than with kettles. The benefits of the SilverLine are far more than just speed though. It is sanitary solution with precise temperature control and the ability to cook efficiently. Now that's a lot of bottom line impact!

Another important aspect of cost savings that the SilverLine offers is that it is not just a heater, it is a food and beverage processing system. It is a completely piped solution that includes hygienic components and sensors, controls, Allen Bradley software and much more. It is well priced for what it replaces and ultimately costs much less than the total cost of other solutions.

Other TCO components include maintenance and floor space. The SilverLine has more uptime than heat exchangers or kettles because the SilverLine eliminates burn-on or fouling, and can successfully cook for six weeks with no down time. In addition, the SilverLine can be completely overhauled in only one hour.

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