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Clean Design

Designed to exceed standards


The Silverline was designed to exceed standards and provide direction for the ultimate in clean design for the future. Winner of the 2014 IQ (Innovation Quotient) award, the SilverLine cooking system is setting a new standard of internal and external hygiene.

It is not enough to simply meet a standard. The SilverLine pushes the current standards and drives them to be better.

SilverLine food and beverage cooking system exceeds clean design standards

These are just some of the reasons why:


Only the most hygienic valves were selected for inclusion into the SilverLine. They were chosen for their ability to be cleaned effectively, 3-A certifications, FDA elastomer conformance, USP certifications, and acceptance in the food and beverage industries.


SilverLine cables are made of FDA approved elastomers, are chemical resistant, and do not degrade in wet environments. They penetrate the completely welded stainless steel cabling harness through IP68 rated hygienic cable glands in order to maintain the most sanitary cabling system on the market.


Featuring both EHEDG and 3-A certifications, these NGI levelers are strong, elegant, and completely cleanable. They seal against the frame and the support bar to keep water out and leave no exposed threads that can harbor bacteria near the floor line.

The SilverLine™ sets a new standard for clean design.

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