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Low Maintenance

High performing

How often does your system go down for maintenance, impacting your kitchen production and labor costs? What needs to be replaced and on what schedule, which impacts equipment costs?

When considering any equipment for your kitchen, maintenance will always be a large factor in the equation. Heat exchangers have many connections and seals and require significant and intricate annual maintenance. If you have scale build-up or biofilms from your foods, this process will need to occur even more often.

The SilverLine was designed to be a high performing, yet low maintenance, piece of equipment. It has very few moving parts, which means less opportunity to fail.

SilverLine cooking system can be overhauled in only one hour

The SilverLine system has only one moving part, five seals and can be completely overhauled in only one hour.

The Infuze cooker, the heart of the SilverLine system, only needs 20 minutes of maintenance, once a year.

Also, adding to its minimal maintenance, the SilverLine is precision machined out of high grade stainless steel, which wears extremely well. The entire system uses FDA and 3-A approved elastomers, which also have a long wear life. The Infuse™ cooker, the heart of the SilverLine, is built for an expected lifespan of 30+ years, with proper maintenance.

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