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Marinara - Delicate Balance

Bryn Craggs, food scientist, recommends SilverLine processing system for achieving perfect marinara sauce using a delicate, balanced cook

"I think the most meaningful benefit of the SilverLine™ is the increase in productivity it provides. You can cook more food with less equipment, time, maintenance and floor space."-Bryn Craggs

Hydro-Thermal Corporation is proud to partner with Bryn Craggs, who recommends the SilverLine for continuous, in-line cooking of production soups. The SilverLine achieves an extremely consistent soup quality in every run, with low maintenance and a fraction of the footprint of equally-sized exchangers or kettles. This represents a complete change in the batch kettle cooking process of the past by applying Hydro-Thermal's 80 years of steam innovation to perfectly cook soups.

SilverLine food and beverage cooking system produces marinara sauce using a delicate, balanced cook

Marinara sauce is one of the hardest tomato sauces to produce in a commercial kitchen, due to the amount of oil found in most marinara recipes. When only 0.5% oil mixes with tomato sauce, it will turn it orange, instead of the traditional red color. Marinara sauces can have oil percentages up to 5%, which is so much that even excess mixing in the feed tank can make the sauce go out of spec. So how do you process marinara, and any other tomato based sauce containing oil, without it turning orange? SilverLine employs a sophisticated method of on-demand cooking, which utilizes very low energy, fast product change-over, small footprint, and tight temperature control across a large array of flowrates. This system can also process even the thickest marinara sauces, with or without particles, to meet all of your quality control parameters - including a deep red color. As in most sauce lines, surge tanks fill up, fillers go down, shifts change-over, which creates headaches for heat exchangers. Kettles limit production and lead to more batch-to-batch inconsistencies. This can also be the root of color changes when dealing with marinara sauce. If a divert valve triggers the sauce to pump into a recirculation due to any of these conditions, excess pumping can make the sauce fail the QC inspection. The SilverLine is truly an on-demand heating (like a kettle), but allows for continuous production (like a heat exchanger). The SilverLine can start and stop production of marinara sauce as many times per hour as necessary, without turning the sauce orange, and without excess lag times. The average start time for the SilverLine is less than 60 seconds to achieve setpoint temperature, even after stoppages. Additionally since the SilverLine has no thermal mass, it is not necessary to continually pump the sauce during a delay. With all of these advantages, it is clear to see that the SilverLine is what’s best for marinara.

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