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Cycle Time

Shave time off your processes


Increasing production in your commercial kitchen ultimately means increasing the annual income of your kitchen. What if you could shave time off your processes like cook time and cleaning? You can drastically reduce your cycle time with the SilverLine cooking system.

SilverLine food and beverage processing system makes cooking and clean up fast and easy

Speed combined with stable, predictable cook results is what the SilverLine offers. You can cook 4,500.00 Kg of tomato soup in 15 minutes and clean up in only 20 minutes.

Imagine expanding your commercial kitchen’s production capabilities by simply switching your cooking equipment. The SilverLine offers you extended cook times with virtually no burn-on. It can cook up to 12 hours without stopping to clean.

The secret of the SilverLine is that it uses steam to cook the food from the inside out. There is no large hot surface and the design is a completely piped system. Burn-on is all but eliminated and CIP velocities are high enough to effectively clean any biofilms that form.

The SilverLine contains a steam CIP bypass line to actively clean the steam manifold, check valves and the internals of the steam cooker. Additionally, no other system on the market goes the extra mile to actively clean the steam supply line. Now you can switch between allergen and non-allergen foods with peace of mind.

Shrink your cycle time, increase production and your annual income with the SilverLine.

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