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Concerned about floor space?


Are you looking to expand production or simply concerned about floor space in your commercial kitchen? While kettles and heat exchangers may provide some benefits, utilizing space efficiently isn’t one of them. They limit future growth and confine companies to less than acceptable working space.

With a footprint of less than 1/4 of your existing solution, the SilverLine system maximizes space.

SilverLine system maximizes space with a footprint of less than 1/4 of heat exchangers and kettles

The SilverLine is a piped cooking system designed with a very small footprint. Its efficient design will ease your crowded line and make your square footage woes a thing of the past. The single cooker model is only 1.2m wide by 2m long. Additional cookers can be added to the system, only increasing its length by 0.6m.

At only 1.5m tall, the system can be fitted under walkways and platforms, in small areas next to walls, or in the floor space where your old kettle was located.

The SilverLine makes the most of the space in your commercial kitchen with its efficient design.

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