How can I order?

Just click Request a Quote and a Hydro-Thermal food and beverage expert will work with you to match your individual needs with the exact system that meets the needs of your kitchen. Your Hydro-Thermal food and beverage expert will interview you to collect all of the necessary info to ensure proper sizing and remit a proposal.

How long does it take after ordering?

Each SilverLine is crafted to meet your kitchen’s unique specifications. We don’t pull parts off a shelf; we make your SilverLine fresh. Your SilverLine will be delivered 14 weeks after receipt of approved purchase order. This is subject to change depending on demand. Customized SilverLine system options are available, which may lengthen the time the order takes to fulfill. Domestic shipping is typically one week. International shipping is usually two to three weeks.

Can I test the SilverLine with our recipes?

Hydro-Thermal offers the ability to rent a SilverLine system and test it at your site or run your recipes in our lab testing facility in suburban Milwaukee. The rental option allows you to integrate the system into your own process, cook your recipe in your own kitchen and have multiple people at your plant review the system and its capabilities. If you choose our lab testing facility, we will ensure your tests provide the most valuable results possible, utilizing your recipe and verifying your processes, procedures and recipes are followed.

Alternatively, you can test your formulations at co-packer Contract Comestibles, located in East Troy, WI. Small scale, consumable product(s) can be processed on a SilverLine in a USDA and FDA-inspected facility. Filling and packaging of product after running tests is also available.