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The SilverLine offers the versatility of a kettle minus the problems that come with kettle cooking

The SilverLine™ offers the versatility of a kettle, minus all of the problems that come with kettle cooking.

Infuze™ the efficient cooker


Kettles can cook a lot of recipes, but then you have to cook in batches. Heat exchangers offer a variety of limitations, based on which type you use. All of them have reduced efficiencies and are hard to clean. One SilverLine system can handle flow rate changes, pressure variation and more than 300 different processing profiles.

At the heart of the SilverLine lives the Infuze™ cooker. Its predecessor has enjoyed a long history in the industrial world, but was redesigned with your commercial kitchen in mind. This efficient cooker is precision machined from 1.4404 (316L) stainless steel and utilizes elastomers conforming to FDA requirements for food contact. Also featuring a 3-A certification, the Infuze is completely cleanable inline through normal CIP processes.

The SilverLine is a streamlined, self-contained, polished stainless system designed to cook recipes exactly as specified. What makes it so good at cooking? We understand how steam works.

More than 80 years of experience has taught us a few things about how to cook with steam. Through this knowledge we have developed the Infuze cooker, the heart of the SilverLine. It provides precise temperature control, cooking food to a specific temperature in a variety of different conditions. With the SilverLine, you can have recipe versatility and cook continuously.

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