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Hygienic Components

Discrete impact on food

SilverLine cooking system levelers are EHEDG and 3-A certified


Featuring both EHEDG and 3-A certifications, these NGI levelers are strong, elegant and completely cleanable. They seal against the frame and the support bar to keep water out and leave no exposed threads that can harbor bacteria near the floor line.

SilverLine cooking system wiring harness cables are FDA approved

Wiring Harness

SilverLine cables are made of FDA approved elastomers, are chemical resistant and do not degrade in wet environments. They penetrate the completely welded stainless steel cabling harness through IP68-rated hygienic cable glands in order to maintain the most sanitary cabling system on the market.


Only the most hygienic valves were selected for inclusion into the SilverLine. These valves were chosen for their ability to be effectively cleaned, 3-A certification, FDA elastomer conformance and acceptance by the food and beverage industries.

CIP Divert Valve
SilverLine processing sytem's CIP divert valve

Integrated into the SilverLine is an industry-leading full port shuttle valve. These have been proven to be reliable, effective and fully cleanable valves for the diverting fluids.

Infuze Cooker is the heart of the SilverLine processing system
SilverLine cooking system's product pressure valve
Product Pressure Valve

The ability to control the pressure of food in the system is an essential feature of the system, but traditional valving leaves dead legs in the piping system. These dead legs are not cleanable or sanitary, so we selected valves with zero dead space in the product line. Although they are more expensive components, they offer assurance that they are fully cleanable and gentle on your food.

Infuze Cooker


After more than two years of design and testing, the Hydro-Thermal Infuze cooker was born. This is the most sanitary cooker we have ever built, and features 3-A certification and FDA approved elastomers. This fully drainable cooker is also installed such that both the internals of the cooker and the externals can be fully cleaned using normal CIP processes.

Every component in the SilverLine was selected to have as discrete of an impact on the food as possible. Pressure sensors have stainless steel membranes that have very little product contact, and temperature probes are small and completely sealed in 1.4404 (316L) stainless. The net effect is excellent system control without sacrificing best-in-class cleanability.

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