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Materials and Methods



Hygienic food equipment of the future

SilverLine food and beverage cooking system uses stainless steel piping


Exceeding the standard use of 1.4301 (304) stainless steel in food service, the SilverLine utilizes 1.4404 (316L) for the food and steam pathways. It was chosen for its increased resistance to chemical wear over time, and highlights the vision of this system as a long term solution to your cooking demands.

SilverLine food and beverage processing systems use FDA approved elastomers


From the diaphragm seats in the product back pressure valve and the o-rings in the culinary filter to the thread compound and lubricants used, every elastomer in the SilverLine system meets FDA requirements for food contact.

The SilverLine defines a new benchmark in hygiene. It isn’t enough to meet the standard. We believe it is important to push the boundaries and exceed. The SilverLine provides direction for ultra hygienic food equipment of the future.

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